Maverick/Comet Model Car List

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Posted by John B. (IP: on August 08, 1999 at 15:19:59:

I've compiled the following list in case any of you are interested in duplicating your rides in 1/25 scale, plastic. As far as I know this is the complete list of Maverick/Comet models that are available. If you know of any I've missed please let me know. ( For the record, Perry, of Perry's Resin Models (try www3.sympatico./ca/perrysresin/ was willing to sell me the grille and bumper assembly alone (ie. without buying the whole kit) from his '74 4dr. for $10 so I could have the heavier style bumpers on my model---I'm using a "Tinker's Toy" which has the later style grille but the early style bumpers). Be warned though that his grille and bumpers don't come plated. If you have any questions on chrome plating model parts or on other aspects of the hobby, feel free to contact me. I know model cars pretty well. Also, don't be conned into paying a fortune for Maverick models. They are pretty much like real Mavericks-- old but not that much in demand. If you have any Maverick or Comet models, in any condition, built or not, complete or not, that you wish to sell, get in touch. I'd be interested. I'm a builder though, and so I'm not interested in anything at "collector prices". Finally, I hear there is a re-release of an old Comet Pro Street model available again. Any info on that would be appreciated. Is this list worth putting in the FAQ? Feedback please. Thanks in advance for any input. Enjoy the list. John B.
The Definitive List of Available Maverick/Comet Plastic Model Car Kits
(as of Aug.99)

AMT T-348 70 Maverick "Right On" Pro Stock Issued 73
AMT T-375 7? Maverick "Maxie Man" rail dragster, A/Altered Issued 72

Jo-Han C-1370 70 Maverick Stock or Funny car Issued 70
Jo-Han C-112 71 Comet Stock or Pro Stock Issued 71
Jo-Han C-106 71 Comet Funny Car Issued 71
Jo-Han GC-1700 72 Comet Shartman Boss 429 Issued 72
Jo-Han GC-2900 72 Comet Boss 429 Pro Stock Issued ?
Jo-Han C-204 72 Maverick Don Nicholson Pro Stock Issued 72
Jo-Han C-103 73 Maverick Eddie Shartman Funny Car Issued 73
Jo-Han GC-3100 74 Maverick "Tinker's Toy" Pro Stock Issued ?

MPC 2705 73 Maverick "Jolly Roger" Funny Car Issued 73
MPC 0740 70 Maverick Montgomery Funny Car Issued 70
MPC 0831 7? Maverick "Warhorse" Street Gasser Issued 82

Resin Cast Kits
Perry's Resin 74 Maverick 4dr. Currently available

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